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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Inexpensive Way to Transform Car’s Interior

Car seat covers – Over time leather seats get scratched, and fabric seats show stains and tears. Buying new car seat covers will cover up those stains and scratches, while giving your car a ‘fashionable twist’ and your car a ‘renewed life’. Car seat covers are easy to install, and cost a fraction of replacing leather car seats.

Car floor mats – Rubber floor mats can cover up worn out spots on your car’s floor, while giving it a cleaner look. If you can spend a little more, you can also customize your floor mats to fit the model of car exactly.

Car sun shades – You can select from a wide range of sun shades that fit the front windshield, back windshield or side windows. And you can make a ‘fashion statement’ by picking out sunshades that are colour coordinated, or maybe feature a favourite activity, scenery or sports team.

Steering wheel cover – Leather steering wheel covers quickly and easily slip onto your steering wheel, giving even the most beat-up car a new ‘racy’ look. Contoured ribs in the steering wheel cover not only give it a stylish look, but massage your hands while driving.

Car seat cushions – Car seat cushions can ‘jazz up’ the interior or your car, but you can also buy a massage car cushion or heated cushion to make your ride a little more comfortable

All of these accessories can turn even the oldest car into a flashier car, at a fraction of the cost of a paint job, or buying a new car. Not only are these accessories fashionable, but also functional by helping save your car’s seats, floor, steering wheel and helping keep it cool during the hot summer months. Padded car seat cushions and steering wheel covers will also make driving your car more comfortable. How much will it cost for a ‘car makeover’? While it depends on what you buy and where you buy it, purchasing accessories from an online wholesale car accessory dealer will help you save a lot of money versus shopping at your local car dealer. When you buy from an online wholesale car accessory dealer, you can plan on seeing big changes in your car’s appearance on a limited budget.


Auto Car Magazine History

The history of the AutoCar Magazine dates back to 1895. It was published as the “auto car, ” when there were only six or seven road cars at that time in the UK. Daimler Motor Company founder Harry Lawson, also a journalist, inspired the magazine. It is a weekly publication. In 1928 the road test was invented, in studying the coach builder (Austin 7 Gordon England).

The magazine brings you all the latest news on the new cars that have hit the circuit. It tells you all about how the designs were conceived, and what they consist of. Learn the functions on and off the road, what is real and what could be. Get a grasp on the car industry and find out who’s who in cars. Luxury is the way of this magazine.

Speed is the outlook, what is trendy and where it is going. Those are some of the articles to read. Sport cars are where it is at, and there are plenty to be found each week, in each magazine you read. You get reviews on the latest models, makes, and prices. Take a look at today’s technology where luxury cars are concerned.

What is hot, and what is not? Only what is hot will be found in the auto car magazine. Page after page of interesting tidbits and facts that every car connoisseur will want to know. Whether you are looking to buy a used or new car, or just browsing, it has all of the information that you need when it comes to the car industry.

It has categories like “First Drives”, and “Road Tests.” Providing all of the top discussions on the latest cars and how they match up to expectations. From Porsche, to VW Sirocco, to Ferrari and Fiat, you get the scoop on style, class, and performance. Know what is practical and what is flawed.

These are top of the line cars in a class of their own. BMW, and Peugeot, compared against Chevrolet and Hyundai. Sporty models are taking the lead no matter who manufactures them these days. Whatever you want to know about cars you will find it here first. There are blogs so you can see discussions and join in too if you like.

Features and forums bring to light all the latest news, and there are even videos to view to see the cars in action. Find out who has what cars for sale and the best prices available on the market. Find out from motor journalists, experts in their fields as they write about something they love, as they share with you their opinions about the car industry they know.

The history of auto car magazine brings a taste of yesterday into today as they continue to report what is going on in the world of cars, and performing their very own road tests to confirm the road tests results provided by car makers. Testing the speed, and brakes as well as acceleration to ensure that everything is above board all the way around.


Benefits of Carbon Fiber Hood

Carbon fiber composite is light, strong, and durable. It can be easily shaped into a design of your choice. It can also be painted if you so desire. It is, therefore, well suited to be experimented upon to give a new look and style to your car, SUV, or truck. You can even give your vehicle a racing car look if that appeals to you.

As carbon fiber is light the overall weight of the vehicle is reduced by installing a carbon fiber hood. Lesser weight will require lesser power to drive. Lesser power will mean lesser consumption of fuel. That would mean, that for the same quantity of fuel you can go a longer distance. A hood is located just over the top of the front wheels. Lesser weight on the front wheels gives a better balance to the vehicle while driving.

Though carbon fiber is light, it is quite strong, tough, and durable. Hence it is able to very well withstand the daily usage. The hood just covers the engine and its surroundings which become quite hot while driving. The capacity of the carbon fiber to withstand heat is another characteristic that goes in its favor. If you make some vents in the hood cool air will be able to enter and cool surroundings of the engine. That will increase the efficiency of the engine.

By investing a small amount on a carbon fiber hood you can give your vehicle the desired look and simultaneously improve its efficiency. Carbon fiber hoods are the preferred choice of the racing car enthusiasts. There are a number of manufacturers of carbon fiber hoods. You should choose one that has a strong reputation. You can also match your carbon fiber hood with carbon fiber body kits if you are planning to install body kits.j

Avoid Car AC Problems with This Helpful Tips

Air conditioning in most cars will usually perform reliably and effectively for a good deal of time after the purchase of a new car. However, this is dependent on the standard of installation of the air conditioning components and the reliability of the service repair center that maintains your car for you. My experience is that the ability of mechanics to service and repair car air conditioning varies greatly between dealerships and air conditioning specialists. One is not necessarily better than the other and both may fail to diagnose certain problems in the air conditioning system and/or effectively repair the system.

The following examples of diagnostic failures can prove extremely expensive when air conditioning is being repaired :

1. The air conditioning system is pressure tested and a leak is found in a connecting hose. Hose components are replaced and system re-gassed only for air conditioning to fail a second time;

2. The second attempt by service center reveals evaporator, condenser or compressor problems or problems sometimes accompanied by a failure in the cooling fan system.

In the first case, you may have paid a minimum of $700 Australian dollars, for example, for a repair that did not diagnose the real problem of a damaged evaporator or condenser. The follow up repair may add an additional $1,000 to $1,200 on the earlier bill. Initial correct diagnosis of the problem or problems may have led to a total of $1,000 rather than combined bills of $1,800 to $2,000. This is an alarming example of how poor mechanic performance can lead to large bills being paid by the car owner. Should you require your car service center to regularly service the air conditioning to prevent future problems? The answer would generally be – yes. However, I have driven the same car for 12 years with little servicing on the air conditioning system and no problems have occurred. Where as, I know people whose cars have developed air conditioning faults after routine servicing.

A further complication with car air conditioning can be caused by extra computerization such as when a climate control regulator is fitted to the system. Some mechanics can have difficulty resetting the calibration on a climate control system with the result being there is no real graduation between the settings. That is, the air conditioning functions at extremes either hot or cold and nothing in between. The car owner naturally drives away feeling very dissatisfied when a mechanic produces a result of this kind.

In order to prevent future problems in your car air conditioning system there is one easy step you can take. Make sure you run the air conditioning for short intervals in winter as well as summer. By doing this you will help to avoid any drying out of seals within the system, which when damaged, can cause leaks to develop within the air conditioning and ultimately the gassing to be lost.