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Auto Car Magazine History

The history of the AutoCar Magazine dates back to 1895. It was published as the “auto car, ” when there were only six or seven road cars at that time in the UK. Daimler Motor Company founder Harry Lawson, also a journalist, inspired the magazine. It is a weekly publication. In 1928 the road test was invented, in studying the coach builder (Austin 7 Gordon England).

The magazine brings you all the latest news on the new cars that have hit the circuit. It tells you all about how the designs were conceived, and what they consist of. Learn the functions on and off the road, what is real and what could be. Get a grasp on the car industry and find out who’s who in cars. Luxury is the way of this magazine.

Speed is the outlook, what is trendy and where it is going. Those are some of the articles to read. Sport cars are where it is at, and there are plenty to be found each week, in each magazine you read. You get reviews on the latest models, makes, and prices. Take a look at today’s technology where luxury cars are concerned.

What is hot, and what is not? Only what is hot will be found in the auto car magazine. Page after page of interesting tidbits and facts that every car connoisseur will want to know. Whether you are looking to buy a used or new car, or just browsing, it has all of the information that you need when it comes to the car industry.

It has categories like “First Drives”, and “Road Tests.” Providing all of the top discussions on the latest cars and how they match up to expectations. From Porsche, to VW Sirocco, to Ferrari and Fiat, you get the scoop on style, class, and performance. Know what is practical and what is flawed.

These are top of the line cars in a class of their own. BMW, and Peugeot, compared against Chevrolet and Hyundai. Sporty models are taking the lead no matter who manufactures them these days. Whatever you want to know about cars you will find it here first. There are blogs so you can see discussions and join in too if you like.

Features and forums bring to light all the latest news, and there are even videos to view to see the cars in action. Find out who has what cars for sale and the best prices available on the market. Find out from motor journalists, experts in their fields as they write about something they love, as they share with you their opinions about the car industry they know.

The history of auto car magazine brings a taste of yesterday into today as they continue to report what is going on in the world of cars, and performing their very own road tests to confirm the road tests results provided by car makers. Testing the speed, and brakes as well as acceleration to ensure that everything is above board all the way around.