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Is Drop Stop Car Wedge is Important?

Assuming you’re already seated and the car is running, you normally struggle to find the thing you dropped underneath your seat only to end up hurting your wrist, your arm or your shoulder. The danger is even greater for the driver as he or she searches with one hand on the floor while focusing on the road.

Fortunately, a couple of guys with creative minds have made available a new and useful invention that solves this problem. The product is known as the Drop Stop car wedge. It may just be a small item but it’s very useful for drivers and even their passengers. I purchased one when I found out about it and it’s been really helpful.

What this seat wedge does is catch small things so they don’t fall right to the floor or in the inner pockets in between the two front seats where the stick shift is located. This means that whatever you drop while you’re driving, you can retrieve in an instant.

This seat wedge is also available in the same black color as that of the car seat gap so it sits there and appears to be invisible. With this creative tool installed in your vehicle, whatever you drop on the sides while fumbling with your keys or mobile phone from your pocket or from your bag can be easily retrieved without much difficulty.

The Drop Stop car wedge is made from high grade neoprene, a material which is water and stain proof. Being a stretchable material, it can fit any size of gap between your car seat and console or the gap between the door and your car seat. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a pick-up, van, a sedan or truck because the product can be used in any type of vehicle.

Installing the seat wedge is simple. You only need to slip the hole into the seat belt buckle and push the Drop Stop into the gaps between the seats. The Drop Stop seat wedge will stay in its place even if you move your seat back and forth.

Distractions while driving can be dangerous to people behind the wheel as these are one of the most common causes of road accidents. One’s eyes should always be focused on where they are going. With the Drop Stop in place, you can rest assured that nothing will fall under the seat and you’ll be able to find everything without endangering yourself or having to dig the items out from under the seat later.

As a car owner, I am grateful for the Drop Stop and for the people behind this unique invention.