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How Much is Strictlydiesel’s Bulletproof Diesel Package?

The Bulletproof diesel package is an upgraded diesel engine that allows an owner to use the engine at any place in the world even where there is a risk of shootings. Apart from the bulletproof capability, the oil cooling systems, as well as the filtration system, has upgrades to give the engine a rugged appeal. Strictlydiesel’s bulletproof diesel package is the ultimate solution to those that need an engine for extreme environments, but how much is strictlydiesel’s bulletproof diesel package?

Value for Money

The bulletproof diesel package goes for $2,195.00. This amount covers the oil cooling system, condenser mount with Square EGR cooling system, 2005-2007 F-Series engine, and the fully Bulletproof package. The kit includes a bulletproof heavy-duty EGR cooler as well as the conventional diesel engine cooler kit but bulletproof. In addition, this package is standard for all engines sold by the seller.

The Enhanced Cooling System is Both Robust and Rugged

The upgraded diesel engine oil cooling kit comes with an oil transfer block that easily mounts on the engine using supplied hardware and OE gaskets and eliminates the conventional OE cooler. A rugged, heavy-duty hose routes the oil from the transfer block to a spin-on filter mounted on the periphery. It then takes the oil to a heat exchanger that mounts just behind the condensing unit. The enhanced cooling system eliminates common problems such as clogging of the oil cooler and problems of bypassing the filter.

Heavy Duty EGR Cooler Enhances the Cooling Capacity

The heavy-duty EGR cooler is an upgrade of the traditional OE cooler. It enhances the cooling ability and ensures that the unit is fully bulletproof. In addition, it comes with a round tube core welded onto it to improve the flow of the coolant fluid. The modifications do not alter the EGR functionality.

The bulletproof package takes care of two main problems in the extreme environment: the risk of someone shooting at the engine and overheating. With the upgrades and modifications in place, the engine is durable and functions optimally for a long period. The functionality of the conventional diesel engine parts remains as it is. Owners will get value for their money.